Foggy Glass & Window Replacement in Virginia, Washington DC & Maryland

Foggy windows, or windows with condensation and moisture, are mainly due to the failure of the Silica desiccant materials in the thermal window cavity to soak up moisture that naturally builds over time from Solar Pumping. Windows are manufactured with a specific moisture combination life span (i.e., 5 years, 20 years etc) that is based on solar pumping activity, which causes foggy windows.

Foggy windows point out that the moisture captivating desiccant materials are fully soaked. From this point on wetness accumulates and circulates between the glass window panes, which can cause permanent glass damage if not repaired quickly. Therefore, a foggy window indicates the end to a window's life cycle.

When your windows start to get foggy and you’re looking to have them changed, American Windows & Glass Repair Services is the industry leader in glass and windows repair & replacement in the Washington DC, Northern Virginia, and Southern Maryland area.

At American Windows & Glass Repair Services, specialists are ready to serve you and help you find the perfect windows for your home or office. If you want to a Commercial Foggy Glass Repair or you simply want to repair your home and take our Residential Foggy Glass Repair, our experts are just one call away!

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